Square Peg Entrepreneur

Rewrite the rules with Theresa Lambert

January 09, 2022 Nikki Takahashi Season 1 Episode 11
Square Peg Entrepreneur
Rewrite the rules with Theresa Lambert
Show Notes

Theresa Lambert is a business coach, best-selling author of Achieve with Grace, speaker, and podcast co-host of Dissecting Success. She also has an impressive hotelier background in luxury hospitality. Theresa uses her experiences to support female entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders in redefining success with elegance. She helps them create the impact, income, and freedom they desire without the hustle. 

There is no one-size-fits-all in business. To create a long term sustainable business, we must be able to show up consistently and clearly with our message. Theresa believes in building a business foundation that's rooted in your personal strengths and allows you to build your business in a way that feels fun, natural, and expansive. She understands that by creating a unique personal brand vocabulary, we are able to attract more ideal clients.


02:17 Get to Know Theresa
09:00 Hurdle to Overcome
11:23 Experience and Realization
14:55 Theresa in the Hotel Industry
18:52 Highlighting Differences
22:08 The Book
26:31 Achieving with Grace
28:29 The Flow: Curate the Right Pieces
33:53 The Living Room
35:57 Being Brave with your Brand
37:20 Hang out with Theresa