Square Peg Entrepreneur

Befriend your fears with Dijana Llugolli

July 15, 2021 Nikki Takahashi Season 1 Episode 2
Square Peg Entrepreneur
Befriend your fears with Dijana Llugolli
Show Notes

Dijana Llugolli is an international success and business coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to rapidly launch and scale their online businesses through aligned and inspired action. Drawing from her studies in business and nearly two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, she helps her clients to reach $40K months in 90 days or less. Her goal is to inspire millions of women to BE more and HAVE more without having to DO more. In this episode, Coach D gives us a peek into her life as an immigrant child. From cleaning toilets to coaching high-performing business owners, from rock bottom to rubbing elbows with celebrities, there's bound to be a part of D's journey that will resonate with each listener.


01:53  Meet Dijana
02:20 Let’s talk about Coaching/ Coaching Fearless Female Leaders
04:14 Evolution of People
05:25 Coaching Journey
08:46 Network Marketing
14:13 Step into your Genius
14:53 Growing Up/Individual Upbringing
18:46 Fitting In and Acknowledging Yourself
20:30 Reflections: Love Life
22:32 Work and Play Hard
25:20 Being a Unique Coach
28:46 Fearless and Successful
32:30 Connect with D
33:30 Takeaway