Square Peg Entrepreneur

Our Wonder Family with Duane Zingale

January 19, 2023 Nikki Takahashi Season 2 Episode 28
Square Peg Entrepreneur
Our Wonder Family with Duane Zingale
Show Notes

Duane Zingale is a Marketing Connection Consultant and founder of the digital marketing group Legacy Catalyst. What you may not know is that Duane and his daughter Ariasha share a rare craniofacial disorder called Treacher Collins Syndrome, which affects the development of facial bones and tissue. For the Zingales, this condition results in hearing loss and the need for aids and prosthetics.

Together with his wife Becky, Duane has made a side pivot to initiating meaningful conversations with kids about inclusion, acceptance, and friendship. They do this through the Zingales' Our Wonder Family social media presence, viral YouTube videos, and their children's book Wonderfully Different, Wonderfully Me - a story that belongs in every household, classroom, and clinic.


1:41 Our Wonder Family
05:19 Different is a Good Thing
08:30 Bullies
13:31 Confidence and Personality
21:20 Stories to Move Forward
26:04 Treacher Collins Syndrome
31:05 Join the Community 
33:43 Embracing Individuality
37:16 Amplifying Difference
39:39 Risk and Passion