Square Peg Entrepreneur

Supercharge your creativity with Mike Brennan

December 20, 2022 Nikki Takahashi Season 2 Episode 27
Square Peg Entrepreneur
Supercharge your creativity with Mike Brennan
Show Notes

Mike Brennan is a New Jersey-based designer and illustrator.  He studied in New York City and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and The School of Visual Arts. Mike has worked with a range of clients in the past, from major brands including Mobile, Heineken, and Chase Bank, to independent agencies serving boutique businesses like Tuscan/Lehigh Valley Dairies and Sportcraft. He spent years in editorial design as an art director/designer for magazines like CollegeBound, Succeed, and Link Magazine. 

Today, Mike helps fellow creatives and content creators leverage simple, practical steps for establishing a daily creative habit. He does this via international public speaking, the Daily Creative Habit community and newsletter, and his course “Your Artist Journey”. Mike recently released the Daily Creative Habit journal to take your creativity to a new level.


01:13 Meet Mike
03:28 Debunking the Artist Type Theory
04:58 People Don’t Understand What You Do
08:21 What to Learn and What to Delegate
12:26 Years in Business
14:12 Delegation is Challenging
16:22 Scaling your Business
17:59 Silver Sage
19:16 Daily Creative Habit
27:38 Commitment to a Daily Habit
33:58 Event Sketch
39:39 Check out Mike
43:31 Everybody is Creative
50:29 Connect with Mike