Square Peg Entrepreneur

Materializing dreams with Ben Chan

April 20, 2022 Nikki Takahashi Season 1 Episode 17
Square Peg Entrepreneur
Materializing dreams with Ben Chan
Show Notes

Starting from an engineering background, Ben Chan has worked for over 10 years in the Management Consulting space delivering value in various industries and departments, developing a niche in project management and strategy delivery.

Ben is a collaborative project leader specializing in enabling teams and organizations to execute their projects more effectively. He is driven by a passion to deliver better through project leadership, not only management.

Ben was being consistently asked to help rescue projects. Although coming in as the hero project manager was flattering, his passion was helping project managers, scrum masters, and aspiring PMs to deliver better. He is currently focused on overlaying authentic project leadership to proven project management frameworks.

00:33 Here’s Ben
03:31 Learning New Industries
04:31 Getting into Project Management
08:19 Challenges
09:30 Who do you Think Needs a Project Manager?
12:10 Creativity and Project Management
14:36 Leadership
16:20 Internal team, Mentality, Motivation
20:40 Big Wins
22:51 Team Size
29:05 Find the Low Hanging Fruit
38:12 Hire Ben