Square Peg Entrepreneur

Climb the Purpose Pyramid with Cathlyn Melvin

February 24, 2022 Nikki Takahashi Season 1 Episode 15
Square Peg Entrepreneur
Climb the Purpose Pyramid with Cathlyn Melvin
Show Notes

Cathlyn Melvin is a copywriter and editor whose expertise has been featured via TEDx, Thrive Global, Much More Media, Captivate + Convert, Think Courageously, and other outlets.

With a degree in theatre performance, a minor in writing, and over a decade as an educator, professional actor, and entrepreneur, Cathlyn draws on her diverse experiences to lift the voices of mission-driven coaches and platform leaders, growing their reach, revenue, and impact. As a speaker and writer, Cathlyn seeks to shape our collective understanding of what it means to be mission-driven — and why values and impact are the ultimate personal and business compass. ​

Through her Purpose Pyramid framework, Cathlyn teaches her clients to integrate their values, vision, and mission into their sales and marketing copy as well as conversations with all those different kinds of prospects. This not only increases their satisfaction and impact as business owners, but also improves their bottom line.


01:15 Meet Cathlyn
02:50 Law School & Writing Business
06:21 Theater Career
08:07 Being an Introvert
09:04 Practicing Conversations
09:52 Stepping Out your Comfort Zone
13:50 Law School
17:05 The Purpose Pyramid
23:33 Should you Announce your Mission?
25:54 Secret Sauce in Copywriting
30:49 Connect with Cathlyn